How to swap classes




Business ProcessRegistration
PrerequisitesStudents must be registered in a class, not have a hold, and the class they want to swap into has an open spot.
DescriptionThis tutorial will go through the steps needed to swap classes.  This process basically drops you from your current class, and enrolls you in the class you want to swap to.


Class swap only works for different classes.  For example, students can swap ENGL 101 with MATH 104 or MATH 96 with a MATH 104 but students cannot swap an ENGL 101 class with another ENGL 101 class at a different time.  If you want to swap classes of the exact same class, please visit the admissions office.


Login to mySDCCD and click on College Student Dashboard


Once in your dashboard, look in your My Classes section (pagelet) and click on Enroll and then Swap.  Alternatively in the left side menu, you can click on My Classes and Enrollment: Swap Classes



This will take you to the Swap a Class page. Here you have three options to swap a class:

  1. Search for a class on the class schedule
  2. Select a course that's in your shopping cart
  3. Enter the Class Nbr (CRN) if you already know the class you want to swap with:

(warning) Class Swap only works if you are currently registered in the class and there's an open spot in the other class.  You still must meet all other requirements (prerequisites, no holds, etc.)


Once you select a class, it will take you to a confirmation page where you will verify the change.  Once you're satisfied, click on "Finish Swapping"


If successful, you should see a success message.  Congratulations!  You have successfully swapped a class.