How to signup for Direct Deposit




Business ProcessDirect Deposit
ModuleFinancial Aid and Student Financials
PrerequisitesStudents must have financial aid awarded and must not have any financial aid or student financial related holds

This job aid will walk you through the steps to signup for direct deposit.

For a video version, please see below:

Introduction Info

Students must have financial aid awarded to be eligible to sign up for direct deposit.  Any direct deposit changes must be made by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. for any financial aid disbursed that week in order to have it refunded through direct deposit.  

(warning) Direct Deposit is turned off Thursday to Sunday at midnight.  Deadline will be earlier if there is a holiday on Thursday and/or Friday.


1Login to mySDCCD and go to your College Student Dashboard

Look at your My Financial Aid pagelet and click on "Sign Up" in the Direct Deposit section.

(warning) If it says Enrolled, you will be able to make edits to your bank account if you need to update your bank information.  


This will take you to the Direct Deposit page; from here click on "Enroll in Direct Deposit"


Enter in your bank information.  

  • Nickname - What you would like your bank details to be referred to as (e.g. My Bank)
  • Account Type:
    • Savings or Checking
  • Routing Number: This is located on your check or deposit slip. This is the unique identifier that identifies your bank.  Your bank can provide you with this information
  • Branch: Usually this is not used
  • Account Number: Your bank account number; you are required to enter it in twice to verify it's entered correctly.
  • Account Holder Name: The person who owns that bank account.

You may be asked to agree to terms and conditions related to authorizing SDCCD to use the bank information you provided for direct deposit purposes only.


Once you click on Next it will confirm your bank account was added successfully.

From here click on "Proceed to Enroll in Direct Deposit"

(warning) You can only have one bank account used for direct deposit.  We do not support splitting amounts between multiple bank accounts.


From here you'll see all the bank accounts you have in the system. Click on "Proceed to Enroll in Direct Deposit"


Select the bank you wish to use:

and click on "Next"


Agree to the Direct Deposit Agreement Notice and click on "Submit"


You have now signed up for Direct Deposit