How to sign up for a payment plan




  • Student must be enrolled and have a balance due. [NOTE: Minimum amount balance due is REQUIRED to enroll in a Payment Plan. The current minimum balance for Spring 2021 is $250.00.]
  • The enrollment window for each term is approximately the beginning of Registration until the first two weeks of the primary session. Students may enroll in payment plans during this period only.
  • Financial Aid students with anticipated aid, Veterans Chapter 31, and Veterans Chapter 33 students are not eligible to enroll in payment plans.
  • If the student is using Internet Explorer, the Privacy Settings must be set to “Accept All Cookies”

Information regarding payment plans:

  • Students pay a 20% down payment at sign up and pay monthly installments.

  • Students may make manual installment payments or may set up automatic payments.

  • Final installment payments are due prior to next term's Registration.
  • Payment plans are term specific. There is a $25 nonrefundable fee per plan, per term.  Students may only enroll in one plan per term.
  • The $25 fee will not be refunded if the student receives aid that covers their fees.

Adding and Dropping Classes:

  • Adding classes after signing up for a Payment Plan: If the next payment installment is due within 2 weeks, there will not be an increase to that next installment. The additional amount will be equally distributed across the remaining installments.
  • Dropping classes after signing up for a Payment Plan: If charges are reduced, all future installments with be adjusted accordingly, regardless of when the next installment is due.



Login to


Click “College Student Dashboard”.


On the left side menu, click “My Finances”.


Click “Make a Payment”.


Click “Enroll in Payment Plan”.


In the “Select Term” field, select the appropriate Term. Then select the payment plan.


Review the Payment Plan details, including the option to “Set-up Automatic Payments”.

Click “Continue”.


Select “Credit or Debit Card”.  Click “Continue”.


Enter the card number into the “*Card number” field.  Click “Continue”.


Enter the additional Account Information in the following fields:

·       *Name on card:

·       *Card expiration date:

·       *Card Verification Value:

·       Save payment method as: (Only enter if selecting automatic payment method)

Click “Continue”.


Review the “Payment Plan Agreement”.  Click the “I agree to the terms and conditions” checkbox, acknowledging agreement of the terms and conditions of the Payment Plan.

Click “Continue”.


A Payment Receipt is generated.


Students may contact Touch Net for assistance at 1-833-269-3675 M-F 5am-5pm PST.