How to Apply for Graduation




Business ProcessApplying for Graduation (College)
ModuleAcademic Advising
PrerequisitesStudents must meet degree and/or certificate requirements, have all official transcripts on file (if applicable) and have an active student record.
DescriptionThis guide walks you through the steps to apply for graduation.  If students have questions if they are eligible for graduation, please contact your counseling office to speak with a Counselor.



Login to mySDCCD and go to your College Student Dashboard and navigate to your "My Success Path" pagelet and click on "Apply for Graduation"

2Click “Apply for Graduation” for the desired major to proceed to the application for that major.

From here you will need to pick the major that you wish to apply for graduation:

  1. Check the box next to the degree/certificate program you wish to apply to graduate for.
  2. Select the Expected Graduation Term (aka what term are you applying to graduate for).
  3. Indicate if this is a change of major or GE pattern from a previous application.

(warning) Please read the Graduation Instructions carefully for important deadlines and requirements.  ALL official transcripts must be on file prior to submitting for graduation.

(question) If you are currently enrolled in classes at another college outside the district, please indicate what class, college and term in the "Comments" box.

(e.g. MATH 120 at Grossmont College for Spring 2021)

4Click on "Continue" when done.

Complete the demographic information for Military Status and click "Continue"

6Verify the details are accurate on the application and press ‘Submit Application’

To view the status of you graduation application, go to the "My Success Path" pagelet and click on "View Graduation Status"