How to Run a Student Academic Advisement Report




  • Student must have an active college application on file
  • Student must be in a declared major (not undeclared)
  • If students have attended a college outside the district (City, Mesa or Miramar) all official transcripts must be evaluated.
DescriptionThis tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to view your Academic Advisement Report.


1Login to mySDCCD and go to your College Student Dashboard



To access the Advisement Report you can either navigate from the left hand navigation: My Academics → My Education Plan:

Or click on "My Education Plan" in the "My Success Path" pagelet:


This will take you to the My Academic Requirements page.  If you do not see your plan immediately, be sure you're looking at the right career and pick "Undergraduate" and click on "Change"

(warning) If you see a message saying "The Academic Requirements page is not available" you have transcripts that need to still be evaluated.  Please contact Counseling.


You should now see your Academic Advisement Report. 

If you see an item that is collapsed like below, it may indicate you satisfied that requirement.  You can still expand the section to see which courses or information from your record meets that requirement:

(question) The Academic Advisement Report is an advising tool to be used in consultation with a counselor. Please refer to your college catalog for any additional academic requirements and/or recommended course electives for your major


If you satisfied a requirement, you should see the section labeled "Satisfied"

If you did not yet meet a requirement, you will see the section labeled "Not Satisfied"


You may also view a printable version of your Academic Advisement Report by clicking on "View Report as PDF"

(warning) Be sure to allow pop-ups, otherwise you may not see the new tab open with a PDF version of your education plan.