How to complete FA Electronic Consent Activity Guide in Student Portal




Business ProcessProviding FA Electronic Consent via Activity Guide in Student Portal
PrerequisitesStudents must have a valid FAFSA loaded
DescriptionThis tutorial will walk you through the steps to complete the Electronic Consent Activity Guide and provide your consent sucessfully for FA electronic transactions.

Introduction Info

You must have a FAFSA application submitted and loaded.



Login to http://my.sdccd.eduand click on the "College Student Dashboard"


There are two methods to access the Financial Aid Electronic Consent activity guide.

  • You can click the You have items pending warning bar located on the College Student Dashboard. The FA Electronic Consent activity guide should appear as a To Do item that you can click on.
  • The Financial Aid Electronic Consent activity guide is accessible to click in the My To-Do List pagelet under To Do


The activity guide should display with two tasks. The first task of two is the Financial Agreement which is displayed in the Student Task Work Center in the left hand column.


Read through the text presented in the Financial Agreement task pertaining to SDCCD Electronic Consent Agreement.


After reading, click Accept box to consent to the terms presented. A date stamp should display with today’s date.


Click Save after accepting.


You should now see a green checkmark next to the Financial Agreement task in the Student Task WorkCenter in the left hand column and 1 out of 2 tasks completed in the Task Progress.


Click the Complete Task task in the Student Task WorkCenter.


To complete the Complete Task you MUST click Finish


After clicking Finish on the Complete Task, you will be redirected back to the Student Dashboard. You will no longer see the item as pending on your To Do List pagelet or Items pending items warning bar.

Please Note

You must complete both tasks of the Activity Guide and click “Finish” on the Complete Task to successfully submit your consent to successfully complete the Activity Gide and provide consent. If you do not complete both tasks, or save and do not click “Finish” you have not successfully provided your consent. Failure to complete may cause delay with processing, disbursing, and providing support to you with your Financial Aid.