How to View your Unofficial Transcripts




Business ProcessUnofficial Transcripts
PrerequisitesStudents must have an active application on file.
DescriptionThis tutorial runs through the process on how to run an unofficial transcript that will pull your entire academic history.


1Login to mySDCCD at and click on the College Student Dashboard

Once you login, you can view your unofficial transcripts by clicking on "View Unofficial Transcripts" in your "My Classes" section (pagelet), click on the side navigation in the "My Classes" folder or in the Student Quicklinks:


You should now see a page that will ask you which unofficial transcript you want to generate.  Here you have two options:

  • Unofficial by Subject - Shows your academic history
  • Unofficial by Term - Shows your academic history by term/semester

Once you select the transcript version you want, then click on View Report


This should pop-up a new window that will show your unofficial transcript.  This may take a few as it generated your unofficial transcript.

(warning) Make sure you allow pop-ups: How to Allow Pop-Ups

(warning) Note: If you have any holds that prevent transcripts, you will not be able to generate unofficial transcripts.