How to update your email address




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Updating your email address

PrerequisitesStudents must have an active college application on file, and must be eligible for enrollment.
DescriptionThis tutorial will walk students through the steps necessary to add classes to their shopping cart.


Login to and click on the "College Student Dashboard"


You can either click on "My Personal Information" in the left side navigation, or "Personal Information" in the Student Quicklinks:


You should be taken to your personal information page.  From there, click on "Email Addresses" under "Personal Information"


You should see the email address(es) we have on file.  For employees/faculty you may see a "SDCCD Email" address, most other students will only have an "Email" email type.  If no email address is listed you can click on the "Add an Email Address" button.  To edit an email address just enter in the email address and click on "Save"

If you have multiple email addresses listed, be sure to click on the "Preferred" checkbox for the one you wish to designate as your preferred email address.  

Click "Save" to finalize all changes.

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