mySDCCD - How to view your Semester Education Planner

mySDCCD Student Dashboard - My Planner

This job aid will show you how to navigate to your semester education planner.  This is the semester-by-semester education planner that you can use to help plan your class schedule.  This is also where you abbreviated or short-term education plan will be viewed once you meet with a counselor.



Log into your mySDCCD account and click on the College Student Dashboard tile. 


Now, you should have a bird's eye view of the College Student Dashboard. 

At the bottom of the My Classes section of the dashboard, you will find four links: Enroll, Class Search, My Planner, View Unofficial Transcript

Click on My Planner


You can also access My Planner by:

  1. Clicking on the dark blue tab on the left side of the browser window []
  2. Clicking on My Classes
  3. Clicking on My Planner


Once you are on the My Planner page, you should see your education planner.  You have the option to add or remove courses from your planner:

5.End of Job Aid.