How to add classes to your shopping cart




Business ProcessRegistering for classes
PrerequisitesStudents must have an active college application on file, and must be eligible for enrollment.
DescriptionThis tutorial will walk students through the steps necessary to add classes to their shopping cart.


Login to and click on the "College Student Dashboard"


You can either click on the "Enroll" link in the "My Classes" pagelet, or you can click on "Class Registration" in the Student Quicklinks:

3You may be asked to complete a questionnaire.  Students only need to answer the questionnaire once per term.  Students can opt not to answer the questions.

First step would be select classes to add, students have three options to search for classes:

  1. Class Search using the online class schedule
  2. Search by "My Requirements" if you met with a counselor you can search for classes from your requirements or Student Education Plan
  3. Search by "My Planner," if you met with a counselor you can also search for classes from the semester planner.

If you already know the Class Nbr (CRN) you can enter it here and click on "enter"


Once you find the class you're interested in, click on the "Select" button to add that class to your registration shopping cart


On this page you will be able to enter your Permission Nbr (Add Code), select the grading option: Graded = (A-F) or Pass/No-Pass (P/NP)
(warning) Note add codes are for registering for classes after they have started or for special situations

Once you review, click on "Next"


You should see a message indicating it was added to your shopping cart towards the top:

and you should see it in your semester shopping cart:

You can click on the trash can icon to remove a class from your shopping cart.  Once you are satisfied with your choices, click on "Proceed to Step 2 of 3" to register for the class.  Please note: In order to be officially enrolled in your classes, you must complete steps 1, 2 and 3 of the registration process and pay for all fees.