How to use Zoom to Participate in an online class




Business ProcessZoom is an online meeting service provided to all employees of the California Community Colleges by the CCC Confer project. Connections are Java-free, and support all operating systems and browsers, including mobile devices. Experience high quality video and audio, desktop screen sharing, whiteboard with annotations, waiting and breakout rooms, and more. 
PrerequisitesIf you do not have a ConferZoom account, Sign Up today at ConferZoom, or email
DescriptionThis guide takes you through the connection process and what to expect once connected to a Zoom room as a participant. When you are invited to join a Zoom meeting, you will receive an email or calendar invitation with the required meeting connection details.


Click the direct link provided in the email or calendar invitation, or copy the link to paste in your browser.


From your computer, if prompted, click the Launch Zoom button, then follow the on-screen prompts: 

You may be required to download the Zoom plug-in, if so please accept it.  A dialog box might pop up indicating to open "Zoom Meetings"


When you connect, a window may open to advise you “Please wait for the host to start this meeting”.
It is a host option to have participants wait until the host is ready to start the meeting.


If the Host has started the webinar before you connect, the screen activity in progress will appear. In this example, the host is
screen sharing, the video gallery appears, and the participant is raising their hand.


Join Audio

To listen and speak in the webinar, a dialog box will open providing you with two options:

  • Phone Call 
  • Computer Audio

If you click on "Phone Call" you will need to use a telephone or cell phone to listen and converse with others.  You will need to call in using one of the two phone number options.  When prompted, enter the Meeting ID followed by # and your Participant  ID followed by #

If you use Computer Audio, be sure your computer has a microphone and speaker setup.  You can test it to make sure it works by clicking on "Test speaker and microphone"


The session tool bar can appear in two different locations depending upon room activity.

The tool bar is located at the bottom of your screen. Each icon is described below

Indicates the status of Audio or Video, if you see a red slash that means you are currently muted.  Note: the host may have decided to mute all speakers so only one person speaks at a time.  To unmute, click on the microphone icon.
Shows status of video if your computer has access to a webcam
Generate an email or calendar invitation for others to join the meeting.
View the names of who has joined this session. Raise your hand for the Host to acknowledge you.
Allows you to share your screens with the Host and Participants.
Opens options for Chat and Record
Leave MeetingWhen you are ready to leave to meeting, click the button!

When the host is sharing screens, the content is displayed in Full Screen mode. The tool bar moves to the top of your
screen, and a View Options menu appears. Click to choose from several, self-explanatory options:

Fit to Window resizes the screen.
Side-by-side Mode splits the video gallery and content on screen, resize by grabbing the vertical split line.