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This tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to apply to San Diego City, Mesa or Miramar College.

(warning) In order for you to apply using CCCApply, you must have an email address.  Students who do not have an email address may use one of the many free email providers:

Introduction Info



First, open a web browser and go to

You will see important information on who should apply, a list of all of the degree and certificate programs that we offer, and at the bottom links to the college applications.  Click on one of the college application links to continue.


Once you click on one of the college application links, you will be directed to either "Create an Account" or "Sign In"

(question) If you have ever attended another college outside of San Diego City, Mesa or Miramar College, you may already have a CCCApply account.  Please click on "Sign In" instead of creating a new account.  You will login using your CCCApply account.

If you sign in, please skip to step 9

3The next page informs users they must have an email address to continue.  Otherwise click on Begin Creating My Account

This is where you will create your OpenCCC account.  This will be the account you will use whenever you need to re-apply to San Diego City, Mesa and Miramar Colleges.  

(warning) This account will be different than the account you will setup once you're invited to the student portal: mySDCCD


The first page you will enter the following information:

  • Legal Name (What appears on your diploma and transcripts, must match what's on your State ID or SSN), Previous Names, and Preferred Name
  • Date of Birth
  • SSN (Note, we are required by federal law to ask for SSN/ITIN information, however an SSN is not required to attend San Diego City, Mesa or Miramar College.  You will be required to submit an SSN/ITIN if you intend on receiving any form of financial aid or claim your educational expenses for tax purposes).

The second page will ask for your contact information:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Permanent Address (also known as your legal address)

(warning) If you do not wish to receive text messages to the telephone number listed above, be sure to uncheck the box.


The third page is where you will create your username and password, security PIN and Security Questions.  This will allow you to reset your OpenCCC account if you ever forget your username or password.


Once you've entered all the information, click on Create My Account.  You should be taken to a confirmation page that will show your unique CCCID

(warning) This will not be the same as your Student ID once your application has been processed.  This is a unique identifier that is used for students instead of the SSN

You are not finished - Be sure to click on "Continue" to get to the actual application.


This will take you to the College Application for Admission.  Here you will see the application is divided into 9 steps:

  1. Enrollment Information (Term, your educational goal and Major)
  2. Account Information (validates your OpenCCC account and to enter your mailing address)
  3. Education (Questions about your high school and previous colleges attended)
  4. Citizenship/Military (Questions about your citizenship status and military information)
  5. Residency (Questions related to your physical presence in California and intent to make it your home)
  6. Needs & Interests (Questions related to other services you might be interested in)
  7. Demographic Information (Questions related to your gender, ethnicity)
  8. Supplemental Questions
  9. Submission (Electronic signature, consent)


Once you complete each section, the application will track your progress:

If you need to go back to a particular section you can click on the tab.


In the Enrollment Information Section you will indicate the semester/term you are applying for, your educational goal (what do you intend to do at college) and your intended major.

(question) You can update your major at anytime by meeting with a College Counselor


The next page you will validate your information from your OpenCCC account and enter your mailing address.  The mailing address is what we will use when we send any mail to you such as financial aid checks (if you did not elect to use direct deposit), official transcripts, or any other mailings from the colleges.  If it's the same, just check the box and the application will pre-populate your address:


The education screen will ask about your College Status as of the time the semester begins and your educational history.

(warning) It is important that you select the right option for "College Enrollment Status."  The application is asking what will you be when you start college on the date indicated:

Picture of College enrollment Status

So if you will have graduated high school by July 1, 2019 then choose "First-time student in college (after leaving high school)"

High School Information

For the question regarding High School Education, please be sure to enter in the correct high school information.  

(warning) If you graduated high school within the last 10 years, you will be asked about your high school performance.  This information is used to determine the appropriate level of English and math during your studies at San Diego City, Mesa or Miramar College.  If you graduated high school more than ten years ago, you will be directed to our online Placement Assistant after your application has been processed.

Questions about high school transcript information

(question) if you do not see the questions above, you have indicated you are currently in high school, graduated high school more than ten years ago, or graduated from a high school outside of the United States

College Information

If you indicated that you attended another college, you will be asked about your recent college education.  This includes the highest degree earned:

If you indicate any colleges, you will be asked to provide their information.  Eventually you will be required to submit official transcripts from any prior college in order to help us create your student education plan (your roadmap to completing your educational objective)


Next page will ask for your Citizenship and Military Information:


Please be sure to select the right Citizenship Status. 

(question) If you do not have any documents for citizenship or nonimmigration status, please be sure to select "Other" and choose "No documents"

Military Information

If you have not served, or not currently serving in the military select "None apply to me," otherwise please be sure to select the right choice.  

(question) Did you know that San Diego City, Mesa and Miramar Colleges provide additional service to our active duty personnel and veterans?  Be sure to let us know so we can make sure you receive more information such as priority registration and using your GI-Bill to help pay for college.


Residency Information

This section will ask you about your current physical presence and intent to make California your home.  Colleges are required by state law to ask these questions to determine if you are eligible to pay in-state tuition (enrollment fees).

Please be sure to answer the questions as of the date indicated.  This is known as the "Residency Determination Date"

Special Categories

The application will also ask if you are, or have ever been homeless (within the last 24 months) or in court-ordered foster care.  If either of these apply to you, please be sure to check yes.  The colleges offer specific services to help you succeed in college and it will allow us to provide you with important information including access to additional financial resources, and on-campus resources.


Needs and interest will ask if you are interested in information on any of the services below.  Please note, the Main Language question is used to determine if English is not your native language and if you would be interested in taking English Language Acquisition - ELAC (formerly known as English as a Second Language - ESL) courses.

17Demographic Information is used for state and federal reporting.  It is optional and will not used to affect your studies.  
18The supplemental questions will ask about your current marital status (required for financial aid purposes), branch of service and expected number of paid hours per week.  

The Submission page provides you with an opportunity to:

  • Download a copy of your application and last change to review and make any changes
  • Consent to the California Community College Chancellor's Office to submit the information you provided to San Diego City, Mesa and/or Miramar Colleges for the purposes of applying for admission
  • Validate that the information you provided is accurate and that financial assistance is available to me if I apply for financial aid.  

If you completed all the steps, you should see a Submit My Application button at the bottom:



You have now submitted your application.  Please be sure to save the confirmation number and information shown on this screen.  We recommend that you print that page for your records.

You should receive a confirmation email with additional information and next steps.