Troubleshooting Enrollment Errors


If you try to register for classes and you are given an error message, please use this guide to help you troubleshoot the error messsage.

Sample error message

Sample error message


The first thing to check is to look at the class status. 

The class status will inform you what to expect if you try to register for the class:


Possible Outcomes

What to do


Possible Outcomes

What to do

Success: You are enrolled in the section

Make sure you pay any remaining fees.

Error: You have a hold on your record...

You should check your holds and make sure you clear any holds before trying to register again.

Error: Multiple enrollment for this course is not allowed...

You are not allowed to register in the same class more than once

Error: Already taken course(s) that are equivalent

You have already completed a class that is similar to the class you're trying to do

Success: You have been added to the waitlist

You are now on the waitlist

Error: To be waitlisted in this class, you need to drop the enrolled class

You are already in the course, in order to add yourself to the waitlist in a different class, you'll have to drop

Error: Class XXXX Not Waitlisted, Waitlist is full

Check the wait-list capacity for the class

ErrorRecord Not Changed, Not on Waitlist

Possibility 1: The class is full and all waitlists are full

Possibility 2: There are no waitlists available for this class