Navigating Enrollment in mySDCCD

Don't get lost! Follow the mySDCCD Navigation Guide below to save time and help you find your way.

Table of Contents

1Make sure you have a mySDCCD account
2Review our mySDCCD Portal Guide to make sure you have the right version of supported browsers and that you'll be ready to go when it's your time to register!

mySDCCD Portal Guide

How do I update my browser?  

Using a Chromebook? Make sure you download Firefox from the Google Play Store.


Make sure you have the correct ID to log into mySDCCD.

Your CCCApply ID is NOT your mySDCCD ID.

Continuing Students will have the same ID used in Reg-e, but with three zeros in front of your CSID.


  • Reg-e: 1234567 
  • mySDCCD: 0001234567

(warning) Note: If your ID begins with 333 or 555, it should already be 10 digits in length.

(warning) Note: If you were/are a workstudy, you may have a 333 number to login to mySDCCD to register for classes.  

4Check your My Classes section (box) for your registration date and time.If you need help finding your registration appointment, please refer to this tutorial: View Registration Appointment
5Make sure you do not have any holds on your record or pending items.

This tutorial walks through the process of how to view a hold (if any): How to View Holds

6Once logged in, look for classes that might be of interested by searching the class scheduleOnline Class Schedule- How to Search For Classes When Logged In
7Get ready for your registration appointment! Add classes to your shopping cart.How to add classes to your shopping cart

How to Register for Class


When your registration appointment has arrived, you can now register for classes.  

(warning) Registration is a three part process:

  1. Add Classes to Shopping Cart
  2. Confirm Classes in Shopping Cart
  3. Finishing Enrollment Transaction

Students must complete all three steps to register for classes.

This tutorial will walk students through the steps necessary to register for classes: How to Register for Class

  • If the class is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist.
  • If you register for corequisite classes, you must add both classes in your shopping cart.
  • After you register for classes, if you no longer wish to take the class, be sure to drop the class.

How to Add yourself to the Waitlist for a Class

(warning) Remember: It is your responsibility to drop any class you no longer wish to enroll or are attending.

Be sure to pay for your classes in the My Finances section (box)

(warning) Remember: Even if you have financial aid, you may still be responsible for additional fees.  Be sure to pay for all fees.

Paying With Credit Card

(question) Remember: Even if you have financial aid, you may still be responsible for additional fees.  Be sure to pay for all fees
4NEW: Did you register in a class but you found a better one with an open spot?  Try our new class swap featureHow to swap classes

1Student Support CenterThe mySDCCD support center is an information hub of student guides and tutorials to help you navigate the system.
2Submitting a Support Center Help TicketIf students need assistance, they can submit a support center help ticket

Email Assistance

(only available during campus closure)

4In-Person Help (unavailable during campus closure)

For in-person assistance, please visit the Admissions office on campus. 

5Phone Assistance (unavailable during campus closure)

You can also call the following numbers:

  • City Admissions: 619-388-3475
  • Mesa Admissions: 619-388-2682
  • Miramar Admissions: 619-388-7844
  • mySDCCD Support Line: 619-388-6800