CE- Updating the Student Success Page

-Business Process: How to update the student success page
Module: Academic Advising


Log-in to the Faculty Portal. From the Faculty Portal click on the Counselor Center link. This will land you on the Student Success search page.


This Job Aid will go over the process necessary to update the Student Services Service Program (SSSP) page for a student.


From the Faculty Portal click on the Counselor Center link. This will land on the Student Success search page.


To find a student, use Find an Existing Value and use the search criteria provided. 

Enter the Student’s ID. 


Select the appropriate Academic Career (CE or CEHS) that needs updating.

Click the Search button.

NOTE: If the Student ID is unknown, the ID can be searched using the first and last name fields. Include History box should be checked on default. If it is not, make sure to check the box. It is NOT recommended to use the magnifying glass icon to search for a student's ID as it will take a long time to load.
4.Select and click on the link of the Student and the Academic Career that will be updated. This will then land on the Student Success page.


If this is a new student without SSSP previously provided, there will be no plus icon  on the Student Success Page above the Student Information section.


If this is a returning student, click on the plus icon  to ADD A NEW ROW.


Review Student Information and update as appropriate.

NOTE: Click on “Save” at the bottom of the page to update the SSSP page before navigating to another tab after entering all necessary information, otherwise all changes will not be saved.



3 C’s Communications: A) District-district generated, B) Checklist- To Do list, C) Comments (only counselors and staff can view “Comments”) general, CalWORKs and DSPS counselors and staff  can use when transcripts are received, make comments regarding students’ ed plan, CalWORKs information, etc.   


Under the Student Success section, after a student enrolls in a Program; Orientation; Assessment; and Ed Plan, “Counseling Services” under Other Services section will automatically be checked. These services can also be manually checked.


Under the Assessment section, State approved assessment will be entered.


Under the External Education section, click on the arrow to open and view the status of the student’s transcripts. If a student’s transcripts have been received, the institution’s name and the date the transcript was received and/or evaluated will be noted.


Under the Student Exemptions section, click on the arrow to open and view. It will always show CE and CEHS students as “Exempt-Other Criteria”.

NOTE: The status in this section cannot be changed.


Under the Academic Plan section, click on the arrow to open and view the student’s current plan(s). Changes on the Student’s Program Plan Stack can be made by clicking the Program/Plan button.

NOTE: Reference the "CE- Academic Advising Program Plan Change" job aid to update the student Program/Plan.


Reference the "CE- Student Education Planner" job aid for instructions on how to update the Student Education Planner section.


Under the Referrals section, click on the Edit Referrals button to add referrals to the student’s planner by Campus. Select appropriate referrals by checking the select box and click the Save button towards the bottom of the list to save selection. Verify correct office(s) are selected on Student Success page.


Under the Action Items section, click the Edit Action Items button to add action items for the student to complete. Select appropriate action item(s) by checking the select box and click the Save button towards the bottom of the list to save selection. Verify correct action item(s) are selected on Student Success page.


Under the Comments section, the Counselor can add comments regarding program requirements not part of the advisement report. Students can view comments on their student portal.

NOTE: 750 characters are available for comments. The spell check icon  can be used to check spelling and can be found at the top right of the comments field.


Once the Finalize & Copy button is clicked, all buttons will become grayed out. In order to make any further changes on the SSSP page, click on the plus icon  at the top right-hand side of the page and add a new row.

You must click the Finalize & Copy button to save the whole updated Student Success page.

NOTE: Clicking Save will only post actions to the SSSP/Counselor’s Planner, NOT to the Student’s Planner.

19.To save all updates/changes, click the Finalize and Copy button.

20.After clicking the Finalize & Copy button, a Finalize and Save confirmation window will pop up, click Yes to confirm.

21.End of job aid.