I'm having trouble paying for classes.


I continue to receive an error when processing my payment online, what should I do?


The following recommended settings are for devices/browsers that most commonly experience errors when processing payments online.  Please identify and follow the instructions that correspond to your device/browser, then try to complete your payment again.


  1. Chrome is NOT the recommended browser for online payments and

  2. Apple iPads currently are not compatible with processing payments online through our credit card processing company, TouchNet.

Follow the four steps below:

  1. Completely close out all open browsers.

  2. Open a new browsing window. 

  3. Clear your internet and browsing history (cache).

  4. Select your device from the following choices and follow corresponding instructions:


Apple/Mac, Safari

  1. Safari > Preferences > Privacy

  2. Prevent cross-site tracking = disable (uncheck box)

  3. Block all cookies = disable (uncheck box)


Apple/iPhone, Safari

  1. Settings > Safari

  2. Block Pop-ups = disable (left position)

  3. Prevent Cross-Site Tracking = disable (left position)

  4. Block All Cookies = disable (left position)


Chromebook or Other Device, Chrome

Settings >Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data

  • Allow all cookies = enable/select (check button)

  • Send a "Do Not Track" request with your browsing traffic = disable (move button to left position)

  • Settings >Privacy and security > Security

  • Under Safe Browsing:

  • Standard Protection = enable/select (check button)

  1. Settings >Privacy and security > Site Settings

  • Under Pop-ups and redirects:

  • Blocked (recommended) = enable (move button to right position) and then description will change to “Allowed”

Restore your settings to the initial configuration when done with the payment process.

If you verified your device/browser configuration and still cannot process your payment, you may submit a ticket to the mySDCCD Support Desk:mySDCCD Support Desk Related articles