Using Quick Enroll to Register a Student in a class with a Vaccination Requirement.

In most cases, please direct the student to upload their vaccination card to Cleared4. Once the vaccination card is loaded and verified, the district will load in vaccine information to Campus Solutions on a daily basis to give the VAXX student group and S33 service indicator.

Prerequisite Challenges: If the class has a vaccination requirement, please do not override the prerequisites and verify the student meets vaccination requirements.

If a student requires immediate assistance to register in a class with an in-person component, please observe the following:

  1. Student must upload their vaccination card to Cleared4. Students can look up their dashboard here:

    If the student exists in Cleared4, please skip to Step 5.

    If the student does not exist in the Cleared4 system you may manually add them by clicking on + Add:

    Be sure you’re logged in at

  2. On the Add User prompt, enter in the following minimal information:

    1. User ID = Student ID (This must match)

    2. First Name and Last Name

    3. Mobile Number (optional) is advised for students to receive text notifications

    4. Email Address

    5. Under Groups select “Students”

    6. In Tags, enter in one of the following depending on the student’s home campus:

      • city student

      • mesa student

      • miramar student


  3. Once all information is entered click on “Save.”  The student will be sent an immediate email and/or text message where they can upload their vaccination card.

  4. Once you see the vaccination card, validate the dates of all doses, and click on save.  This will automatically trigger the BluePass process.

  5. If the student is there in front of you and does not have easy access to a camera or scanner, proceed to Step 6, otherwise, skip to Step 9.

    Only use this if uploading is not feasible and you have the card in possession

  6. If the student is with you and has their vaccination card with them, you may “Force BluePass” by clicking on the “Force BluePass” button at the top right.

  7. If you’re forcing a blue pass, you must enter the following information in the “Describe here” box:

    1. Vaccination Type (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.)

    2. Date of shots

    3. Type in your name as having verified the vaccination card.


  8. Then click on “Set” this will force the student to have the vaccination card.

  9. Once they are issued their pass, go to Campus Solutions to the student’s Student Services Center to add the VAXX student group.

  10. Enter in the student ID and click on the “General Info” tab:

  11. Then click on “Edit Student Groups” and add the VAXX student group. The effective date must be before the start of the semester.

  12. Then you should be able to quick enroll the student. A job runs every 10 minutes that will assign the S33 service indicator.