This Week in Campus Solutions (10/21/2019)


  • Full mobile support for CCCApply is now live

  • Spring 2020 College Class Schedule is now online



Impacting Students:

  • Students who have received a substandard grade in their class in the first 8 week session and want to repeat it in the second 8 week session must go to Admissions to be manually enrolled


Impacting Faculty:

  • All access to the online Attendance Rosters has been removed for all classes since it is not working correctly. College faculty will need to download the roster to Excel to maintain student attendance (Click here for Job Aid) . Classes that use the automated attendance tracking system are not impacted

  • Faculty members unable to log into College Flex or CE Flex system should contact the Student Services Help Desk (619-388-6800) for assistance

  • Faculty cannot send attachments to emails sent from Campus Solutions; faculty should use Outlook or another email service

  • Some faculty are having difficulty contacting students through email due to accounts being “grey listed” and may receive a message indicating that the "message wasn't delivered due to a permission or security issue." IT is aware of the issue and is working on a fix


Impacting Students:

  • The online application/registration is not working properly for a small subset of CE students. CE students who wish to enroll in the high school diploma program (CEHS) should see a staff member at the CE campus to manually add the CEHS career

  • Class Search is not showing all books required

  • Classes with TBA assigned meeting patterns intermittently show 6am to 11pm, Monday through Saturday

  • College students cannot submit CE/CEHS online application, student should see a staff member for manual processing

  • Co-requisites not consistently allowing enrollments; students are being manually enrolled from the Waitlists

  • For some CE and CEHS students, Declared Major, SSSP services, and Ed Plan are not being generated once enrolled into a certificate or a High School Diploma course

  • Former students (no longer active) do not have online access to unofficial transcripts. Students may request unofficial transcripts online by submitting a request at:

  • If a class has multiple professors, the class meeting pattern repeats for each professor in the student’s My Classes pagelet

  • Requisites between short-term classes are not uniformly enforced

  • Students with Honors Contracts no longer require the creation of a separate Class Nbr (CRN) and are included in the regular class roster. Faculty are not able to determine which students have an Honors contract from their class roster. However, the Honors Designation for the course shows on the student’s official transcripts. We are working on a process to notify faculty of the students in their class(es) that have Honors Contracts

  • The process to extend the Add Deadline for Permission Numbers (Add Codes) for Open Entry/Exit and tutoring classes is not working properly. Students should be manually enrolled by the Admissions Office

  • When a refund is processed, an error appears for some students who paid via credit card at the Accounting Office and these students are unable to be refunded (temporary workaround in place)


Canvas Issues:

  • Close out of class end time is 10:59 pm but needs to be changed to 11:59 pm

  • A change of instructor on the class section in Campus Solutions does not update the Canvas roster

· Some students who have been dropped still appear on the Canvas roster

  • Student/Faculty preferred name in Campus Solutions does not display in Canvas

  • Canvas uses “section” number (ex. 2001) rather than “class” number (ex. 12345). This creates confusion because section numbers can be duplicated and do not identify a specific class


Internal Impact:

  • EMS 3.1 is working properly except for the issue with positive attendance reporting

  • In College Tracking Admin, the "Currently Logged In" filter does not always show all students



Important links:

Please check this website for status updates

Make sure you are logging in to

New online faculty directory created by Student Services at

Check out the faculty training videos


Go to the MySDCCD Training Hub for "How to Guides"


Be sure to contact the Student Services Support Center
Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm
Friday 8:00am-5:00pm