How to Accept/Decline Financial Aid




Business ProcessAccepting/Decline or Updating your Financial Aid Award

Students must have offered aid awarded.


This tutorial will walk you through the steps to accept/decline/ or update your Financial Aid award through the FA Self Service.



Login to http://my.sdccd.eduand click on the "College Student Dashboard"


There are two methods to access the Accept/Decline Awards

  • You can click the Accept/Decline link located in the My Financial Aid in the left hand navigation.


  • You can click the View Awards under the appropriate aid year tab in the My Financial Aid section or pagelet.


Click the Accept/Decline Awards


Click the Aid Year link you would to view. Award information will be listed by Aid Year and terms.

(warning) Note: If you accessed the Accept/Decline Awards link through the pagelet you will not need to select aid year.


Click the Accept/Decline Awards


To accept, reduce or decline an individual award listed, mark the corresponding Accept or Decline checkbox for each award.

Click the Accept All button to accept all awards offered. This action will mark each of the checkboxes in the Accept column, and insert the Offered amount into the Accepted field.

(warning) NOTE: Not all awards that are listed in the Award Package section are able to be accepted, declined or updated. For those awards the Accept and Decline checkboxes will be greyed out and you will be unable to update.

Click the Decline All button to decline all awards offered. This action will mark all each of the checkboxes in the Decline column

To Reduce an award, first accept it by clicking the corresponding Accept checkbox, edit the amount in the accepted box, then click the Update Totals button to recalculate the award total.

To cancel any selections you may have made, click the Clear All button.


Once you have completed the Accept/Decline awards section and selected your action, click Submit


Click the YES button to continue or the NO button to cancel.


Click the OK button.

NOTE: After click the OK button, you will be taken back to the Awards Package screen