mySDCCD: Viewing Financial Aid Awards

Viewing Financial Aid Awards

ModuleViewing Financial Aid 
DescriptionThis guide walks you through how to view and accept your financial aid awards.  


This job aid will go over the process of viewing your financial aid awards on the Student College Dashboard.  

1.Log into your mySDCCD account using your ID and password. Click Sign In.
2.On the main navigation page, click on the Student Self Service tile. 


The main dashboard will display. 

The My Financial Aid section will display in the bottom left hand corner. Scroll down on your browser to view the entire section.


On this student's example, there are two aid years listed on his portal: 2017-18 and 2018-19

This student did not receive a financial aid award for 2017-18. For this example, click on 2018-19 to switch tabs.  Your Financial Aid pagelet may only have one year showing as the 2018-2019 aid year will be the first year in the new system. 


On the 2018-19 tab, note the three separate terms to be viewed: Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and Summer 2019. 

For Fall 2018, this student received a total of $552 to be distributed during the first week of classes in September. Under the award, the student's College of Record, Satisfactory Academic Progress and Residency Status are listed. 

Click on Spring 2019 to view the award for next semester. 

(warning) Pell Awards are disbursed twice a semester for California Resident students and once a semester for Non-Residents.  If you see two rows for the Pell Grant, that means you will receive two separate disbursements of your Pell Grant.

6.This student received the same award as Fall for the Spring. This award is estimated to be distributed in February 2019. 
7.Click on the View SAP button. 


A pop-up window will give you information on your Satisfactory Academic Progress status.  

Once you are done viewing this window, click Close.

9.Next, click on the Shopping Sheet button. 


Another tab will open. 

This page will display the student's estimated cost of attendance for the academic year. It is split into the Cost of Attendance by category, Grants and Scholarships awarded, Net Costs, Work Opportunities, and Loan Options. 

11.To download this information to your computer, click on Download


Return to the College Student Dashboard tab. 

Click on Cost of Attendance


A window will pop up with the estimated total cost of attendance for Fall 2018. Scroll down to view Spring 2019

This number includes a comprehensive estimate of the cost of the student's enrollment for that semester, including tuition, books and supplies, housing, food, transportation, etc. 

14.Once you are done viewing the cost of attendance, click Close


Click on View Awards.


The Award Summary will display.

This page provides the Award Descriptions of the financial aid awarded in the selected Aid Year. Separate Award Details for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 are also provided. This is generally the same information as shown on the portal.

17.End of job aid.