This Week in Campus Solutions (09/03/2019)


  • Continuing Education Fall 2019 semester began today (09/03/2019)

  • Beginning Monday 09/16/2019, the hours for the Student Services Support Desk will change to Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm and Friday 8:00am-5:00pm


  • Classes with TBA assigned meeting patterns intermittently show 6am to 11pm, Monday through Saturday

  • The system is incorrectly allowing faculty to submit census rosters after the census deadline


  • Class Search is not showing all books required

  • Co-requisites not consistently allowing enrollments; students are being manually enrolled from the Waitlists

  • College attendance tracking overnight job is now running but some college tracking fitness center rosters have overstated attendance tracking hours

  • College faculty teaching positive attendance classes will need to download the roster to Excel to maintain student hours. Classes that use the automated attendance tracking system are not impacted

  • College students cannot submit CE/CEHS online application

  • Date of Birth is blank for some CE/CEHS students in Campus Solutions when submitting the CE/CEHS Online Application

  • EMS 3.1 file is not uploading for the colleges

  • Faculty cannot send attachments to emails sent from Campus Solutions; faculty should use Outlook or another email service

  • In College Tracking Admin, the "Currently Logged In" filter does not always show all students

  • Reinstated students cannot be assigned a grade

  • Requisites between short-term classes are not uniformly enforced

  • Some faculty members are unable to log into College Flex system

  • Student groups (unofficial requisites) are not consistently clearing prerequisites

  • When a refund is processed, an error appears for some students who paid via credit card at the Accounting Office and these students are unable to be refunded (temporary workaround in place)

  • When selecting ethnic background, some CE/CEHS students are receiving an error message


  • Census rosters for semester-length classes are due today (9/3/2019).
    If you missed submitting your census roster, contact your admissions office.
    Not sure if you submitted your census roster?
    Check the "Census Processing" column on your "My Schedule" page in the faculty portal: