How to see who added/dropped a class

Enrollment Request Search

Business Process: 

Module: Student Records 


Troubleshooting Enrollment Issues:


The enrollment engine keeps a history of all enrollment transactions processed by both students and staff. The system queries against these transactions, as well as any enrollment transactions posted through the Grade Roster component, and display all of the enrollment request transactions that meet your search criteria in a grid at the bottom of this page. For example, you can search to find out how a student was dropped from a class, or you can view a list of students enrolled in a class that has been cancelled.


Navigate to → Records and EnrollmentEnroll StudentsEnrollment Request Search 

  • Academic Institutions should default to SDCCD. If not, enter SDCCD.
  • Click Search


You must enter at least two search criteria from the following fields:

  • Academic Career
  • Term
  • Enrollment Request ID
  • Enrollment Request Source
  • Enrollment Request Action
  • Enrollment Action Reason
  • User ID = Employee ID
  • ID = Student ID
  • Class Nbr

Recommend at a minimum you use Term and ID

NOTE:  To limit the search, populate as many fields as possible.

3.Click Search


Click through the tabs for additional information regarding the class.   For example:

  • Click on Fields 8-11 to see the Last Update Date Time.
  • Click on Fields 12-19 to see the Enrollment Request Action.
  • Click on Fields 20-25 to view Permission Number used by the student.
  • Click on Fields 26-30, Fields 31-35 or Fields 36-40 to view any Overrides given.
  • Click on Fields 41-44 to see the Enrollment Request Status Detail:
    • S = Success. Successful transaction.
    • M = Message. Successful transaction but with messages.
    • E = Error. Transaction was not successful.
    • P = Pending.  Transaction was started but not submitted.

You can also click on the "luggage tag"  icon in the right side of the "Enrollment List" table to expand all the columns.


Key points:

  • User ID field (Field/Column 1) shows who did the transaction (Enrollment Request Action)
  • ID field (Field/Column 2) shows who the transaction affects
  • Last Update Date/Time (Column 9) shows when that transaction occurred
  • Enrollment Request Action (Column 12) shows the action


In this case, user VDEVORE registered student 0001133069 into Econ 120 (Class Nbr 11040) using "Quick Enroll" on 8/29/2019.