mySDCCD: Continuing Education Portal Basics

Student Guide to mySDCCD

ModuleContinuing Education Student Portal
DescriptionThis guide walks students through the basics of mySDCCD.  Students must have applied for a class with Continuing Education in order to be able to login to mySDCCD.


mySDCCD provides users with an intuitive interface that provides access to key student activities, such as viewing your class schedule, important deadlines, and viewing emails in the message center. It is also mobile friendly, which means that you can access it with full functionality from your phone or tablet. This tutorial will go over the basic functions you can perform in your new student portal. 

1.Log into your mySDCCD account by going to and enter your 10-digit User ID, Password and click on "Sign In"

2.On the main navigation page, click on the College Student Dashboard tile.  If you see other tiles, you are, or may have been, an employee of the District. 


The main dashboard will display.  Here you will get a "birds eye view" of the resources available to you in mySDCCD.  The portal is divided into a series of "pagelets" that contain related information:

  • Continuing Education Classes - Lists class information such as registered classes, grades, class search, etc. 
  • Continuing Education HS classes - Lists classes if you are taking courses with Con
  • My To-Do List - Lists items that you need to be aware of, or need to complete related to your financial aid
  • Calendar and Deadlines - Shows important dates
  • Student Quicklinks - Shortcuts or bookmarks to frequently accessed pages.  
  • Documents and Forms - List of forms and important documents for students
  • Help and Support - Access to help tickets and items
  • More Info- quick access to instructions on navigating the portal page you are on

    Please note: you can click on the - or + sign on each pagelet header to minimize or maximize that pagelet


On the left side, you'll notice an icon that looks like a blue tab this icon closes/opens up a side menu that provides you with another way to access pages.  To go back to the home dashboard click on "CE Student Dashboard."

If you click on the home icon in the top right, it will take you to the main menu for the portal.


Starting in the top left corner, you will see the "My Classes" pagelet. You can view your class schedule, view your grades,  enroll in classes, use class search, plan courses through My Planner, and view your unofficial transcript. *Any registration holds will appear in red.

:warning: If you see Spring 2019 classes, please note that there is a week delay when you register for the class in Reg-e for it to show in mySDCCD.  For summer 2019 classes, it will show immediately once you register for classes.

6.In the middle section, you will see your "My To-Do List"  This contains open items required for you to complete. 

On the To-Do List, you can view any required checklist items that are needed. Note that any due dates in red text are past due. Click on each item to view the details. 


Under the Calendar and Deadlines section, scroll down to view the My Success Path pagelet. 

9.Scroll back to the top and view the Notifications section in the top right corner.
10.Click on the red text saying "You have X items pending."

The list of items that are still required from you will pop up.  Items in red are past due. 

12.Directly under the Notifications is the Student Quicklinks section. This navigation bar is a one-stop shop for all of your needs, such as your Message Center, Blackboard, and Personal Information. You can also request unofficial and official transcripts, view financial aid, fees due, and search for classes. 
13.Click on the Message Center to view communications from the District. 


A new tab will open with the Student Message Center. You can view all official emails from the District and your college. In this student's example, their only message is the Admissions Application confirmation.

Please note: Pop up blockers must be disabled Otherwise you messages will not open. 

15.Close this tab when you are done viewing your messages.
16.Scroll past Document and Forms to the My Student Store section, on the bottom right corner. 
17.Under the Documents drop down menu, you can access useful documents such as the Student Guide, Choosing the Right Math, the Academic Calendar, and an Assessment Brochure. 

18.Under the Forms drop down menu, you can access important forms for various offices. These include documents such as the Active Military Duty Certification For Spouses and Dependents, Request for IGETC/CSU General Education Certification, and Grade Challenge Petition. 

19.Lastly, if you require any additional help navigating your new portal, click on More Info for quick access to instructions on navigating the portal and click on Help and Support to access contact information for any issues you may be having.  


You have now successfully navigated your new student portal.

End of job aid.