I forgot my User ID/CSID


Student forgot/does not remember their 10-digit User ID


Follow the Instructional Guide to obtain your User ID: Finding your User ID/CSID

During the mySDCCD implementation, all 7-digit CSIDs are being converted to a 10-digit User ID.  This does not mean you were issued an entirely new Student ID number. 

To simplify this process we simply added additional zeros to your CSID when converting it to a 10-digit User ID


CSID: 1234567

User ID: 0001234567

CSID: 0498765

User ID: 0000498765

:warning: If you are a student employee, or have recently been an employee of the college/district, you might have a different employee ID number.  Due to the transition to mySDCCD, the employee and student databases have been merged.

Your User ID is printed on emails sent to you in your portal invite email as well as most financial aid communications.  If you forgot your Student ID, and do not have your email accessible, you have two ways to retrieve it:

  1. Visit Admissions or Financial Aid with a valid photo ID (e.g. driver's license, passport, etc.) to get your User ID.
  2. Online: Please submit a help desk ticket or visit your college admissions office (College) or Continuing Education Student Services Office (Continuing Education) for more assistance.

Important: Due to privacy concerns, user IDs and CSIDs cannot be shared over the phone or via email.