Substitute: Long-Term




Business ProcessFaculty Assignments
ModuleCurriculum Management
Pre-RequisitesThe class section scheduling must be finalized. 

This Job Aid will go over the process necessary to assign a long-term substitute to classroom assignment.



Click on the Compass icon      and then click on the Navigator icon     to navigate to:

Campus Solutions > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes


Enter the course information into the Search Criteria fields and click the Search button.


You will be directed to the Basic Data of the specific class section you searched for. Click on the Meetings tab to assign the long-term substitute. 


On the Instructors For Meeting Pattern row, click the plus icon to add an additional instructor row. 


Select the Long-Term Substitute instructor by using the ID Look Up Menu.


Select the appropriate Empl Rcd Nbr and Job Code for the substitute assignment.

Note: Long-Term Substitute assignments should be assigned using adjunct or overload job codes (ex. A5, A6, PR).


Select the Sub-Long Assignment Type.

Note: It is important to select the Long-Term Substitute (Sub-Long) assignment type since the assignment type allows users with access to view faculty assignments to review and report the substitute assignments found in Campus Solutions for a specific term.


Calculate the Adjusted (ADJ) FTE and Paid Hours for the substitute assignment. Use the Prorated Adjusted FTEF Handout as a guide. 

Note: Per the faculty CBA, Long-Term Substitute assignments begin on the 11th class meeting and carry workload. Instructors are not required to enter hours on their timesheet in HR/HCM. 


Click on the Days/Times Tab to update the assignment start and end dates, days, and hours if applicable.

Note: The assignment start and end dates may not always match the class start and end dates. The assignment start and end dates should reflect the true length of the Long-Term Substitute assignment.


Click on the Paid Hours tab and click the Recalc button. Verify the Paid Hours are the same value you calculated in Step 8.

Adjust the Paid Hours if necessary. 


Review the assignment row for accuracy. If the assignment is complete and accurate, click the Save button.

12End of Job Aid.